This documentary follows three people whose forefathers left their homeland to settle in a foreign country. Alexander Greig, the great-grandfather of Edvard Grieg, left Scotland for Bergen and changed his name to Grieg. We follow one of his descendents, Jan Alexander Grieg, on a trip to visit his Scottish roots.

Terje Bergstrøm from Voss, is a descendent of a family of Swedish migrant workers, and is a 4th generation railway worker. His great-grandfather Alfred, came from Sweden to work on the railways in 1870, and decided to stay. Whyn Nguyen is Norwegian-Vietnamese. Her parents left their homeland, hoping for a safer life for their family. Whyn represents the category of immigrants that arrived in Norway during the last part of the 20th century. She takes us to visit a group of young Vietnamese in Oslo.

We also meet three researchers, Prof. Sølvi Sogner of the Department of History in Oslo, who has studied the period characterised by career relocation or elite immigration. Prof. Jan Eivind Myhre has investigated the last part of the 1800’s when people looking for work were the main source of migration. Grete Brochmann is a research leader with extensive research experience on the subjects of migration, refugees and immigrant integration. We join the scientists in the field, to see how they work, in addition to the actual interviews. The programme was shown on NRK1 in August 2005.

Programme length: 52 min.