1. Mother Earth
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2. A Fertile Balance
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3. The Dream
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The video is in Windows Media 8 format, in 3 different broadband qualities 800/400/200 kbs. To see it you need to have Windows Mediaplayer installed on your PC. You can download it here.

With its mix of travelogue, landscape and cultural reports, history and mythology, this documentary series offers a continuous supply of adventure and information. It’s about interaction between mankind and nature, and about how different communities throughout the world, exploit and form the landscape.

The programmes give insight into new correlations and show how our utilization of the landscape changed us from being simple hunter-gatherers into city dwellers with an abundant lifestyle. The narrator Svein Haaland is well-known from a number of both radio and television programmes about nature.

Work on the series began in 2001. Filming started in the summer of 2003 and took 15 months to complete and took place in Peru, Ethiopia, Spain, Holland, Turkey, Iraq, Nepal, China, Tibet, Greece, USA, Spitzbergen and the west coast of Norway.

History of the Earth is produced by NRK and Univisjon at Bergen University. The series is produced by the same team that made A Journey in the History of Water and Riches from the Deep - both international successes.

Programme length: 52 min.