Mankind has always found his medicines in nature, but so far we have limited ourselves to those found on land. Scientists are now opening by far the biggest medicine cabinet of all: the ocean. It has a huge biological variety, and a number of organisms with biochemical defence mechanisms that can be used for medicinal purposes.

Life in the 21st century will to a great extent be based on biotechnology. Not just health care and medicine, but also the industries of the future will have biotechnology at their core. New medicines, new foods, new materials, new sources of energy – all from biotechnology. Industry will start to use nature’s genetic recipes. We see examples of this in the film Treasures from the Sea.

Treasures from the Sea was shown by NRK in 2005. There is also a DVD version, in 12 European languages that is intended for use in colleges and the 6th forms of comprehensive schools.

The DVD-film has received awards at two international festivals, see

Programme length: 52 min