Most of the inhabitants want to escape from the slums in Lima. In this documentary we meet people who are embarking on the difficult road that leads step by step to a better life. Some have only just begun the journey, whilst others have nearly reached their goal.

Octavia and her family have left the countryside, and built a makeshift house of cardboard cartons in Lima. Here, at least, they have some chance of prospering… After years of hard work, Rosa finally managed to get a water pipe put into her shack, and she is painfully aware of its importance.
21 year old Liz is fighting an educational system that systematically contributes to shutting out the poorest students.
Music and undeclared work enabled Alan and his family to escape the worst poverty.
For Leonor and her husband, the road from a mud house in the slums to a three storey villa, has been long and hard. It has taken 60 years and the family are now ready to celebrate a Golden Wedding Anniversary.
Børge Brende gives his views on the slum problem during the programme. What can the global community do to give slum dwellers a better life?

ProgresO – against all odds was shown on NRK in February 2005. The programme has been shown to pupils in Norwegian colleges and comprehensive schools and was also shown at the UN-building in New York in the spring of 2004.

Programme length: 27 min