Prof. Stein-Erik Lauritzen uses cave dripstones as a historical diary. They contain a lot of information on how the earth’s climate has developed. Lauritzen wants to test the claim that changes caused by mankind are greater than those caused by natural fluctuation.

For the majority of people, cave research (speleology), is a relatively unknown field of science. We join Stein-Erik Lauritzen on exciting and exotic cave expeditions in Norway, Rumania and China.

Stein-Erik Lauritzen is the only grotto scientist in Scandinavia. He spends a large part of the year on fieldwork, in caves and grottoes all over the world – either in Northern Norway, Rumania, South Africa, China, Canada, or Australia.

The Secret Cave Diaries was shown on NRK1 in 2002, and in Finland, Belgium and Czechoslovakia.

Programme length: 52 min