About 150 years after “Origin of Species” sent shockwaves throughout the world – Darwin is more relevant than ever. Whilst American fundamentalists endeavour to keep the evolution theories out of the educational system, Darwin’s theories are experiencing a rebirth in completely new areas. Darwin’s recipe on how new phenomena develop can be used to explain much more than just the origin of species. It can among other things, be used to develop new computer programmes, organise communication networks, design jet planes and explain the origin of the universe.

In the programme we meet both Norwegian and foreign scientists, who are trying to find new ways of utilizing Darwin’s theories. We meet Norwegian scientists who are trying to find an explanation for the wandering of fish in the Barents Sea and we go on a research trip. We meet cosmologist Lee Smolin who uses Darwin to explain why the universe is constructed the way it is. And we meet mathematician John Holland - the man who started it all.

Scientists Jarl Giske and Geir Huse have given considerable help to Univision during the planning stages.

Darwin’s Revenge was shown on NRK1 in 2000.

Programme length: 28 min.