The dramatic growth in population creates enormous pressure on resources and eco-systems. More than 95% of global food production is at present land based, but since 1970, aquaculture has become the most rapidly expanding food industry in the world. Is this “Blue Revolution” similar to the one that happened ten thousand years ago, when we started to keep domestic animals and grow crops, and we became farmers? What does the future look like?

The programme takes a look at the scientific challenges facing the aquaculture industry, if it is to solve the food supply problems of the future. Will the salmon have to become vegetarian? Will we have to use gene modification? Is fish farming the solution for developing countries?

Filming took place in Spain, USA, Canada, the Philippines and Norway.
Programmet er vist på NRK1 i 2005 og distribueres internasjonalt gjennom TV2 Danmark Programmet
The programme was shown on NRK1 in 2005, and is being sold internationally by TV2 Denmark.

Programme length: 52 min.