Univisjon was established in 1993, and has since then worked continuously with the production of science TV-documentaries in Norway. Univisjon’s programmes are broadcasted mainly by the two largest television channels in Norway – NRK and TV2. Several productions have also been distributed internationally.

Through TV-documentaries, Univisjon presents scientific issues to a wide audience. We like to describe our style as ‘storydriven, emotional science’. Univisjon is part of the University of Bergen. We have unique relationships with scientists in various fields of research. We also collaborate with top international scientists.

Univisjon is constantly producing and developing TV-documentaries and series. The company’s producers and directors have carved themselves a unique niche in the world of TV-media. Their extensive experience in the domain of science, working closely with scientists, makes it possible for Univisjon to reach out to a wide audience and increase popular knowledge and understanding of science. We produce all types of material from web-TV-reports to TV-series.

Univisjon is the television production unit at the University of Bergen. It sorts under the Communication and Media department, which main objective is to consolidate and further develop the University’s primary goals; to pass on information and knowledge to the general public. Univisjon achieves this by producing popular science TV-documentaries.